dental plan company believes that the most important thing that we can do for you is to save you money.  Helping to save you money is what we are all about.  We understand the stress that each American family has to deal with when their budget is tight.   We also understand that our primary duty to you and your family is to look for ways to cut costs on your dental care and other healthcare.  So we promise that we will deliver all of our products to you at the lowest prices that you can find on the internet.  That's our guarantee.

Catholic Dental Plans provides you with the highest quality discount dental plans and ancillary health plans from the most respected companies in the country. All of the dental and health plans that we offer are products developed by A+ companies, and discount savings plans are currently being used by millions of satisfied Americans.  Millions of people are already saving money and you should too.  We simply offer you the best national health products at the lowest possible prices and we specifically built these savings plans for you.


  • Every person and every family, regardless of their religion, is welcome here!
  • We are a family and we invite everybody into our home at
  • Catholic means Universal.
  • In our home everyone is equally welcome to our low prices.
  • saves everybody money.
  • You Save, We Give, You Smile!

Why “Catholic” Dental Plans? was founded by Richard Hirtreiter, Esquire.  Richard, the author of the book "Catholic Capitalism: Applying Scripture and Catholic Social Doctrine in Everyday Life, Work and Business" is an attorney and business executive with a long history in the dental savings industry and he was an original shareholder, General Counsel and Executive Vice-President for a company that pioneered the idea of bringing dental savings plans to consumers on the internet.   Richard is a lifelong Christian and Roman Catholic.  He believes that we have the responsibility to live our lives, including our work and business, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a result, when he decided to build this company, he incorporated the important Christian principles of charity, social justice, and faith, all learned while growing up "Catholic".

Today, we are bringing this new vision to the Internet.  Catholic Dental Plans is a vision of fairness for each consumer that is achieved through the company’s commitment to bringing much needed health care products to all people via the internet, and to do it in a way that guarantees that you pay the lowest possible price and still receive the highest quality of service from the best companies in the country.

In addition to this vision of fairness for the consumer, we also believe that we have been blessed and that we should give back a part of our blessings to our greater community. Catholic Dental Plans gives 10% of every dollar that we earn to charity, not after we put it in our pocket, but before we put it in our pocket. When you buy a savings plan on our website, we will donate 10% of our earnings to either the Catholic Parish that you select or to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®. We have built a tool on our website on the registration page that allows you to find and select the code for your individual church. You also have the option to instead choose for us to donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®. In essence, a part of everything that we do is designed to be in service to our community and to the communities of our members.

At Catholic Dental Plans, we believe that our company’s “profit” should not simply be measured in dollars and cents alone and that a part of what we measure as “profit” must be a positive impact in our American society. At the core of our business is our desire to help our customers gain access to affordable health care, to save as much money as possible and to also support charitable work in your local communities and all around our country.

We thank each of you for being an integral part of this service and for being a part of our team. We are very grateful to each of you and we want you to always remember that it is only as a direct result of your participation that we can accomplish these great things together. and DMPO Marketing, Inc. are not owned or operated by the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican, St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital® or other similar religious organization or 501(c)(3)-(c)(4) non-profit corporation, nor are we legally affiliated thereto. DMPO Marketing, Inc. d/b/a is a privately owned Florida corporation that is dedicated to furthering business ethics and Christian principles that include giving a portion of its earned profits to Catholic parishes and/or St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital®. It has further chosen, as a lay mission, to operate under a business model that accepts positive social impact as a necessary component of corporate profit.

May God Bless You.

Thank you.