A Main Principle of CatholicDentalPlans.com is Fair Wages.

To apply for our Affiliate Program, please submit the following information and we will send your membership application.



We want you to become a sales affiliate for our company. And, we are going to make you a fair offer along with the promise that as we grow and prosper, so will you. We are going to help you not only make sales today but also we will help you to build a business that you can depend on in the future.

Our company is built to make you a success and to ensure that you get paid a just wage (commission) for your work both today AND tomorrow.

Other companies that utilize sales affiliates in our sector only pay their affiliates one time, when that affiliate makes the initial sale. After that, those companies keep the entire amount of the member renewal for every year after the initial sale and they don’t pay the originating affiliate ever again.

For those other companies, the affiliate that brought in that initial sale doesn’t retain any future value for their work. The companies that operate under that business model get richer as the result of the affiliate’s talents in originally procuring a sale but they then deny those same affiliates the future value of today's work and those companies put all of the renewal profits into their own pockets. We don't think that those companies are being just to their affiliates.   So, CatholicDentalPlans.com is going to do things differently.

CatholicDentalPlans.com will pay people (on a cost per acquisition business model as internet affiliates or home affiliates or parishioner affiliates) to refer sales to our company, either by driving visitors via their website to our website where we can convert them into sales, or by referring their friends, fellow parishioners, or others to our website or telephone number where we can convert them to sales.

We will pay our affiliates for that original referral when the sale conversion can be attributed to them; and then, as long as that referred person (family) continues to renew their savings plan on our website (1 year, 3 years, 5 years etc.), we will continue to pay the person who did the work of getting us the original sale (getting us our new member) a reasonable fee for the work that they did for us after we renew that member in a future year.

In essence, we reward people who help us to build our company by creating a new form of "capital" for our supporters, a "just wage" in the form of an original payment and a "renewal payment" for your work and for helping us sustain and grow our company into the future.

Our company is redefining “profit” to include the components of charity and just wages.

When you help to make us a success, we will help to make you a success!

We also offer two (2) options for payment of Affiliate Fees:

  1. OPTION 1 - If you sign up with us to become a sales affiliate, we will directly pay you a nationally competitive affiliate fee for the original sale that is converted as the result of your web traffic or other visitor referral, whether by website conversion or by telephone conversion where the consumer gives us your affiliate number as the referring affiliate. Additionally, anytime that the original member that we converted, after you referred them to our website, thereafter renews their savings plan with us in subsequent years, we will also pay you a fair and direct renewal fee for that member.

This is also a great way for Catholic Parishioners to make money by referring other parishioners or friends and then building out a network of sales. Remember, we also give 10% of our earnings to your parish. So, you can make good money while earning affiliate fees and also generate donations for your parish at the same time. That’s a win-win!

It’s that simple – sign up today and begin to build your future payouts!

  1. OPTION 2 – We call this the Pay-It-Forward Option. Let’s say that you are a Catholic Parishioner and for some reason you don’t personally need the affiliate fee to be paid to you as income (or maybe charity is your personal mission), but you know that you can raise funds for your church by having other parishioners buy our savings plans and then having us make the 10% donation of our earnings to your church. Well, in that case, you can still be an affiliate, but you can “Pay-It-Forward” by having us not only make the 10% donation of our earnings, but if you choose the Pay-It-Forward option, we will also pay the original affiliate fee to your church as an additional donation and we will make the future renewal payments as donations to your church too, all in addition to the 10% that we donate when a parishioner selects your church on our website.

Under this Option 2, you will be creating a continuing revenue stream for your church as the result of your charitable virtue. Also, we will note on each donation that we make to your church as a result of your selecting this option – a blessing to your church in your name.

Every Catholic Church in our country could benefit from its parishioners choosing this option. And, this option can demonstrate how effective companies can be in assisting our Catholic communities by changing the way that business is done for the benefit of the Common Good!

This is a win-win-win option and a blessing for all of us.

It is all your choice. You tell us what you want us to do and we will do it!

“We may lay it down as a general and lasting law that working men's associations should be so organized and governed as to furnish the best and most suitable means for attaining what is aimed at, that is to say, for helping each individual member to better his condition to the utmost in body, soul, and property.” (Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII, 1891). “Man works in order to provide for the needs of his family, his community, his nation, and ultimately all humanity … the hierarchy of values and the profound meaning of work itself require that capital should be at the service of labour and not labour at the service of capital … in every case, a just wage is the concrete means of verifying the justice of the whole socioeconomic system.” (Laborem Exercens, Saint John Paul II, 1981).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. Please email us at affiliates@CatholicDentalPlans.com.

Thank You,

Evan Weber, VP Marketing
CatholicDentalPlans.com Affiliate Manager