Catholic Dental Plans are now available for all companies, groups and associations.  Importantly, while we happily welcome all Catholic employers and groups, you don't have to be a Catholic employer or group/organization to receive a great rate from us.  We serve everyone equally and provide great health care savings for your members.  Catholic means Universal, so everyone is a member of our family!

Group dental plans are the second-most asked for healthcare plan after group medical plans. But, acquiring a group dental insurance plan can often be complicated and very expensive to the employer, group or association. We can solve this problem for you by providing you with a group rate on our high quality national discount dental savings plans and discount medical plans. Our discount dental plans and discount medical plans are not insurance, but they can be an affordable alternative to insurance, and you can provide your employees or group/organization members with a simple money-saving incentive that improves retention and promotes a healthier and more financially responsible workforce.

We can quote you one of two ways:

1) If you want to provide a voluntary opt-in opportunity for your employees or group/organization members to purchase one of our savings plans, we can quote you a special rate for your company or group/orgamization so that your employees or members gain an important service at a company or group specific reduced rate simply because they are members of your team. This option is an important, much needed and valuable benefit that you can provide to your employees or group members at no direct cost to your company or group. The employee or group member will receive a preferred rate just because you have signed up with us to service your team. It's a Win - Win for your company and your employees or for your group and your members. Some would say "it's a no brainer"!

2) If you want to provide a direct company prepaid or group prepaid option for your employees or group members where your employees or group/organization members receive a dental savings plan or a discount medical plan as a benefit of employment or membership, we can quote you a special rate for your company or group/organization so that all of your team have the comfort of knowing that they have a valuable dental cost saving benefit and ancillary health benefit, including telephone consultations with a medical doctor at no additional cost that will save them money every time they or a member of their family visit the dentist or ancillary health care provider in our networks. This is very important for people with families and dependents. This benefit will be much less expensive for the employer or group/organization than it would be if you tried to provide prepaid dental insurance for your team. We will also quote you a reduced rate per member off our regular retail prices. The larger the group, the larger the savings. Your employees will love you for it!

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