Saint Antonio Rosmini (born: Rovereto, Italy March 24, 1797 – died: Stresa, Italy July 1, 1855) is a Christian enterprise dedicated to improving our members’ physical wellness while, at the same time, furthering a greater appreciation for the advancement of social justice in our society. In accordance with our mission, we have adopted Saint Antonio Rosmini as our patron saint for spiritual guidance and intercession.

Saint Antonio Rosmini was an Italian priest, religious and political theologian, philosopher, and economist. He is the founder of the religious order of the “Institute of Charity” (Rosminians) and the Sisters of Providence. His feast day is July 1 (coinciding with the day that was launched, July 1, 2016).

His beatification ceremony on November 18, 2007, was the first conducted under Pope Benedict XVI.  During his beatification mass and homily, presiding Cardinal JOSÉ SARAIVA MARTINS reflected that:

“In Antonio Rosmini one finds a philosopher, a teacher, a political theorist, an apostle of the faith, a prophet and a cultural giant. Notwithstanding all this, what enriches his person and confirms his current standing, and which today is our interpretive key, is Rosmini's holiness, which certainly will help to restore the friendship between reason and faith, between religions, ethical behaviour and Christians' public service. The Church today proclaims this priest Blessed because she has recognized his industrious life, marked by heroically living the virtues.”

“Raising him to the honours of the altar, the Church points also to this priest as an intercessor and model for humanity today, for us. The life and teachings of the Founder of the Institute of Charity exhort us to resolutely place God at the centre of our existence and to serve him in humanity, in which he is "sacramentally" present, in whatever field the Lord calls us, only too happy to be inserted into Christ as branches on the Vine, and in an attitude of dialogue, not opposition, with today's many and deceptive currents of thought.”

Saint Antonio believed in the certainty of inviolable human rights of the person. He combined reason with faith as an early advocate of social justice principles, some of which have become incorporated into modern Catholic Social Doctrine. His view of social justice as the practice of human virtue between men, personified as “an ideal being”, included consideration for the rights of humanity, including a consideration for the natural inequities between human beings. He was an early advocate for inclusion of a priority for the right of human dignity within political systems, the right for individuals to own private property, the basic human right to be free from despotism that can be imposed either through a democratic “tyranny of laws” or through the socialist or communist abuses of forced redistribution of wealth. He eloquently wrote that: “[T]he laws of the state have to protect true rights exactly, neither more nor less. They are not to invade natural freedom and thus violate, rather than maintain the rights of individuals, nor are they to create new, arbitrary and imaginary rights.” (A Sphere Around the Person: Antonio Rosmini on Property. Alberto Mingardi; Acetto per Markets & Morality. (Spring, v.7, no. 1, 2004).

While writing about Antonio Rosmini, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and other great Christian theologians, Saint John Paul II concluded that “One thing is certain: attention to the spiritual journey of these masters can only give greater momentum to both the search for truth and the effort to apply the results of that search to the service of humanity. It is to be hoped that now and in the future there will be those who continue to cultivate this great philosophical and theological tradition for the good of both the Church and humanity. “ (Saint John Paul II, Fides Et Ratio ¶ 74, 1998). is a business enterprise that was, from the beginning, conceived and built upon the foundational principles of Catholic Social Doctrine. Primary supportive pillars of Catholic Social Doctrine are respect for the dignity of each human being and the obligation of every individual to accept Charity as a cornerstone in their everyday life and business practices. We are very thankful that, after much prayerful thought, providence has delivered to us our patron saint, Antonio Rosmini, a man who pioneered the enlightened reasoning of respect for each person’s human dignity, as delivered to us through divine Creation, as an essential component of all socially just political states, and that each person, regardless of social status, is entitled to be free from the tyranny of oppressive governmental intervention in their right to life and in their right to maintain private ownership of property.

Rosmini's 6 Maxims of Christian Perfection:

1. To desire only to please God; that is, to be just;
2. To delight in Jesus Christ and in His church;
3. To desire God’s will in all things;
4. To give myself wholly to God’s providence;
5. To regard myself as being of little account;
6. To be guided by all things in the spirit of wisdom.

“If Christians were to put all these things into practice, they would form a peaceful and happy society, not only in the future, but even in this present life.” Antonio Rosmini, Maxims of Christian Perfection (1827-30).