Principles, Values and Purpose:

Catholic Social Justice and Teaching is a universal theory of equality and compassion, transcending all religions, and it speaks to the inherent obligations and responsibilities that we all have to our families, neighbors, communities, to humankind in general, to our environment, to the ecology of all living things including human ecology, to ourselves, and ultimately through each of these to our Creator. incorporates these principles into our business model to address our obligations and responsibilities to our customers as follows:

  • Charity:  Our Creator has given us life and the bounty of this Earth to use for our benefit.  We believe that must freely give of our bounty as much and as often as we possibly can in order to share this gift.
  • Solidarity:  We are all in this together. All human beings, all family, friends, employers, employees, consumers, and producers are privileged inhabitants of this earth. We must look toward the similarities of one another, as opposed to only differences. We should also look upon our individual struggle to succeed and prosper with the understanding that all human beings are engaged in the very same struggle. We should try to work together to achieve our mutual success and prosperity. was formed as a family business and we thus treat people as if they are a part of our family, not strangers.
  • Common Good:  Making a profit in business is good. It allows for the creation of new jobs and the growth of the business. Profits grow our national economy. We believe that both a successful financial profit can be achieved in business and that business can also be designed and committed to operating in a manner that includes providing a positive impact in the community, as well as in the lives of others while maintaining its financial sustainability. Businesses that include social impact as a real component in their measurement of profit demonstrate that after faith, capitalism is the greatest transformative economic and social impact force in the world, when used to further the common good.
  • Universal Destination of Goods:  Every person should have as many opportunities as possible to gain access to affordable dental care and healthcare. Healthcare costs for individuals and families should not always go up, and wherever possible, our businesses should create opportunities for people to gain access to affordable dental care and other healthcare in ways that allow access to the same quality of services, but at lower costs to the consumer. strives to deliver the highest quality products, our savings plans, and to also deliver access to these much needed dental and healthcare services at as low a price as possible to the consumer.
  • Human Ecology: We have an inherent duty to ourselves and to each other to reject the destructive culture of waste. With thought, we must proactively act to respect and protect creation. The earth, humankind, and all of the plants and species that inhabit this planet have been created with a unique, yet integrated, purpose and dignity. has been designed to be a paperless business. We are dedicated to a sustainable human environment that nurtures creativity and the culture of community awareness and social responsibility.
  • Just Wages:  We want you to become a sales affiliate for our company and we are going to make you a fair offer along with the promise that as we grow and prosper, so will you. We are going to help you not only make sales today, but also we will help you to build a business that you can depend on in the future. Our company is built to make you a success and to ensure that you get paid a just wage for your work, both today and tomorrow. Other companies that utilize sales affiliates in our sector only pay their affiliates one time, when that affiliate makes the initial sale. After that, those companies keep the entire amount of the member renewal for every year after the initial sale and they do not pay the originating affiliate again. For those other companies, the affiliate that brought in that initial sale does not retain any future value for their work. The companies that operate under that business model get richer as the result of the affiliate’s talents in procuring the original sale, but they then deny those same affiliates the future value of their work and those companies put all of the renewal profits into their own pockets. At we do not think that those companies are being just to their affiliates, so we do things in a different way. At we pay people (on a cost per acquisition business model as Internet affiliates or home affiliates) to refer sales to our company, either by driving visitors via their website to our website where we can convert them into sales, or by referring their friends, fellow parishioners, or others to our website or telephone number where we can convert them to sales. We pay our affiliates for that referral when the sale conversion can be attributed to them and then, as long as that referred person (family) continues to renew their savings plan on our website (1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and so on), we continue to pay the person who did the work of getting us the original sale (getting us our new member) a reasonable fee for the work that they did for us after we renew that member in a future year.

    In essence, we reward people who help us to build our company by creating a new form of "capital" for our supporters, a "just wage" in the form of an original payment and a "renewal payment" for your work and for helping us sustain and grow our company into the future.

    When you help to make us a success, we will help to make you a success!

    “We may lay it down as a general and lasting law that working men's associations should be so organized and governed as to furnish the best and most suitable means for attaining what is aimed at, that is to say, for helping each individual member to better his condition to the utmost in body, soul, and property.” (Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII, 1891). “Man works in order to provide for the needs of his family, his community, his nation, and ultimately all humanity … the hierarchy of values and the profound meaning of work itself require that capital should be at the service of labour and not labour at the service of capital … in every case, a just wage is the concrete means of verifying the justice of the whole socioeconomic system.” (Laborem Exercens, Saint John Paul II, 1981).

    May God Bless Each of You and Your Families, and May His Peace Be Upon Each and Every One of You and Your Families Every Day of Your Lives!

    Thank you. and DMPO Marketing, Inc. are not owned or operated by the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican, St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital® or other similar religious organization or 501(c)(3)-(c)(4) non-profit corporation, nor are we legally affiliated thereto. DMPO Marketing, Inc. d/b/a is a privately owned Florida corporation that is dedicated to furthering business ethics and Christian principles that include giving a portion of its earned profits to Catholic parishes and/or St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital®. It has further chosen, as a lay mission, to operate under a business model that accepts positive social impact as a necessary component of corporate profit.