Dental Savings Plans vs Dental Insurance


A discount dental savings plan purchased at Catholic Dental Plans works in a way that is very similar to a membership at a large discount buyer’s club.

When you sign up, your membership is activated through your choice of options, it is all about empowering our members:

a) If you purchase your savings plan prior to the 15th of the month your membership is activated retroactively from the 1st day of the current month in which you purchase your savings plan (i.e. you buy April 1st through the 15th, you can use your savings plan beginning on April 1st); or

b) If you purchase your savings plan after the 15th of the month, your savings plan is automatically activated for an effective date beginning on the 1st day of the next calendar month (i.e. you buy April 16th or later in the month, you can use your savings plan beginning on May 1st).

Then you take your savings plan membership card that we have delivered to you electronically on your personal member login page and you go to a dentist in your network and instead of paying 100% of the dentist’s usual and customary fees for services, you only have to pay a reduced rate for those services.  You save money immediately!

Our savings plans have a combined 100,000+ participating dentists across the country. Your participating dentist’s discounted fee schedules for the members of your particular plan have been previously negotiated for you in advance by the plan administrator (Discount Medical Plan Organization “DMPO”).  You simply present your membership card and you get a discount of between 20% - 60% depending on the dental work that you get and the plan that you have purchased.

There are no yearly dollar caps on your dental savings and you and your family members can save every time that you visit the dentist.  There are no forms to fill out or paperwork hassles at the dentist office.  There are no pre-existing injury or illness restrictions or exclusions.  There is no long wait for your plan to activate and become effective.  And, your plan may also include significant orthodontic and cosmetic discounts.

You will save money when you use the plan.   If you have kids or other qualifying family dependents, when you buy a family plan everyone in your family gets the benefits. You just have to let us know when you purchase your savings plan how many are in your family (no number restriction) or when you have an additional qualifying family member, and then we will include them on your plan.


By comparison, with dental insurance you pay a monthly insurance premium and you get a dollar cap on your annual benefit.  So, you can exhaust your insurance benefits after one or more visits and then you don't have any benefits left for the rest of that year but you still have to pay your monthly premiums.  You also may have to wait until the next calendar year begins to be activated.  You also have to pay extra premiums for every family member.  You also lose your unused benefits at the end of the policy year, so there is no benefit carry-over to the next year, and in that case you paid for benefits that you didn’t even use. Dental insurance usually limits and puts caps on your orthodontic and cosmetic benefits or maybe exclude them altogether.  Finally, with dental insurance you have to deal with all the paperwork hassles and the claim filing every time you visit the dentist, and then you have to wait to find out if it is covered or denied.

Catholic Dental Plans offers dental discount savings plans that are an affordable and hassle free alternative to dental insurance.